About Us

Hama Holding for Financial Investments is one of the few leading Joint-Stock Companies in Egypt specialized in the field of Agricultural Investments.

The Company believes that practicing such role arises mainly from its vision which focuses on increasing the needs for injecting more investments in the food supply chain; to meet the growing demand and satisfy feeding increasingly population worldwide as well as, changing diet in emerging economies through the upcoming years.

By 2030, the world population will reach to over 8 Billion thus; the demand's increment on agricultural products will be more 60% higher than it is today, on the other hand, the global food production will need to be increased by 40% aided by productivity improvement and expansion of productive land.

Hama Holding for Financial Investments understands the importance of these significant global changes therefore; it has taken the responsibility for partially supporting and serving the global food chain.

Since 1996 Hama Holding's subsidiaries have been working on a vertical integration model to secure food supplies, from land cultivation to state-of-the-art food processing/packing facilities.

Hama Holding is a privately-held, Joint-Stock company that has successfully established several subsidiaries in the field of "Production, Manufacturing/Processing, and Marketing", Fresh and Processed Agricultural produce.
As an owner, investor, and operator, we are experienced in identifying potential assets and unique value-added opportunities, producing profitable returns to our shareholders, thanks to our actively planned and implemented leadership concepts and diversification strategies that made the company a leader and pioneer within the agricultural & food business sector in Egypt.

Today, Hama Holding for Financial Investments' vertically-integrated subsidiaries is thriving.

El-Gebaly Fruit Company: Established in 1996 is the largest fresh produce Exporting Company in Egypt, running a unique model in securing the ultimate product sourcing through its production arm.

Hama for Agricultural Investments: Established in 2006, specialized in the field of reclamation and Plantation of desert lands, and owns over 20,000 Acres works in-full production farms located in new lands starting from the stage of seedlings through its arm.

Hama for Food Industries Established in 2006 as a private Free Zone company, the company's plant is equipped with the latest production and packing line.