Quality Excellence

Hama Holding For Financial Investments subsidiaries deliver superior products thanks to a thoroughly modernized production process that uses the latest in technology and scientific methods. The strict application of international standards has led to expansion in markets around the world and has made Hama Holding companies leaders in quality in the International market.

These stringent standards have earned Hama Holding subsidiaries global certification for hygiene, safety and quality. Among the certification delivered by international organizations and import countries is Hama For Food Industries US food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and Hama Agriculture's Global GAP certification, among many others.

Agricultural products are tested in Egyptian labs, ensuring their suitability for import by the most stringent markets worldwide, including the United States, Europe and Japan.

Subsidiary operations are based on the application of latest technology and scientific methodology, allowing us to apply the standards of the most competitive foreign markets. This approach is made possible through a staff of experienced professionals who are experts in their fields and is bolstered by the latest in coded product tracing technology.