Hama For Agricultural Investments

Hama For Agricultural Investments is a fast growing reclamation and cultivation company, applying modern farming technologies to produce high quality crops suitable for export to competitive and high standard markets. Hama For Agricultural Investments works in land reclamation, making land suitable for cultivation by providing basic facilities and using modern irrigation technologies.

Hama For Agricultural Investments owns 12,000 acres in Wadi Natron and 5,000 acres in New Salhyia City, growing fresh produce such as oranges, grapefruits, olives, lemons and mandarins reputable around the world.

Hama For Agricultural Investments remains on the cutting edge of the agricultural sector by making use of the latest technology in all areas, maximizing efficiency and ensuring optimum performance in each step of production. Hama For Agricultural Investments holds the “Global GAP” certification. Hama For Agricultural is committed to avoiding the use of any harmful materials or pesticides in the cultivation process.

For more information please visit: www.hama-agriculture.com

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Address: 105 Omar Ebn ElKhattab Street , Almaza, Cairo, Egypt.

Telephone: (+202) 24139400

Fax: (+202) 24170069