Chairman Statement

At this important stage of Egypt's modern history; we are keen to continue what we initially started to share our national responsibility of rebuilding Egypt, at the same time continue to provide the best services we could do to all of whom we are dealing with, without saving any efforts to do whatever we could to strengthen our close relation with them.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the birth of Hama Holding is an expected output of fifteen years of continuous efforts, as we cannot forget to praise all of our honorable dedicated teams, in additional to our success partners; either customers, suppliers, service providers or any party involved within our business.

In parallel we continue our role to support our national economy, and our group employees are focusing their efforts to be suitably available in the international markets within all group's business activities.

Our Valued Customers

Being with us through our continuous collaboration is the ultimate source of satisfaction to me personally and to every member of our teams, and your trust in choosing Hama Holding is a responsibility which we cannot take lightly and every new day being with us will re-enforce your trust in us as your favorite everlasting partner.

Sincerely Yours,