The Egyptian Development Agriculture Production Company (EDAP) produces seedlings of Citrus, Pomegranates and Mongos.

Technology plays a major role in EDAP’s production process that is mainly used to increase the efficiently and speed in all areas from irrigation to fertilization. EDAP adopts the latest technology in the raising of seedlings.

EDAP was engaged in many major projects such as El Amal, Wadi El Natron, Ras Sidr and 6th of October farms.

EDAP uses the latest varieties of seedlings and seeds to provide customers with the highest possible quality, importing most of seedlings from Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia due to the favorable environments of these countries and there success in the planting of citrus fruits.

The time tacking to produce the seedlings is around 18 month rather than the typical 12 month, this extended period has allowed EDAP to develop a reputation for strong durable seedlings.

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