Hama Pack

Hama Pack is a quick rising and well-positioned player in the packing industry. Hama Pack has quickly developed its clients to bring its production to full capacity due to the packing needs of its sister companies. Hama Pack is a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard boxes, employing the latest cutting-edge technology to set new standards in the industry.

The company’s capacity is  2,500 tons per month using the latest technology in the production lines of corrugated cardboard boxes, conversion machines, and Flexo printing allow Hama Pack to produce high quality, durable, low cost  and efficient products in a wide range of dimensions. Due to this ability to fulfill the needs of diverse clients, from glass manufacturers to exporters of agricultural produce; Hama Pack has quickly built up a strong and growing client base.

The quality of Hama Pack products is ensured by thorough testing procedures at every step of the manufacturing process, from the quality of the paper to pre-delivery examination.

Hama Pack finds its advantages over competitors through providing efficient services and accurate handling of orders, studying and formulating documentations carefully including production and delivery techniques.

For more information please visit: www.hamapack.com

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Address: 1st Industrial Zone, New Salheya City, Al Sharkia, Egypt.

Telephone: +020553203899/ +20553203342

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