UNI-TECH was founded to meet the technology needs of sister subsidiaries, providing high tech engineering services to manufacturing, packing house and agricultural industry. Since then, UNI-TECH has established itself as a leader in the production line manufacturing industry. The company handles all the necessary technical support services, different areas of production and maintenance, including but not limited to designing, manufacturing, installation of production lines, irrigation systems, filter lines, end line handling machines and packing houses.

UNI-TECH uses state of the art technological methods in designing and constructing the latest in irrigation and fertilization technology systems. The company also provides all technological requirements for each step of the agricultural projects from the beginning of cultivation to harvesting, sorting and packaging.

UNI-TECH manufacturing production lines in Egypt are in full compliance with European techniques and technology standards that minimize the need to import and then outfit European lines according to the special-purpose. The company also offers the advantage of easy access to spare parts and ease of maintenance.

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Address: 105 Omar Ebn ElKhattab Street , Almaza, Cairo, Egypt.

Telephone: (+202) 24139400

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Email: info@hamaholding.com